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In January 2021 I will be running an online masterclass about overcoming emotional eating. The masterclass is for anyone who struggles to control their eating and is unhappy with their eating habits, mindset or body as a result of their relationship with food.
Yo-yo dieting and a preoccupation with food are nothing new in our culture, however disordered eating can make people feel miserable, out of control, as though they have no willpower and have 'failed'. Disordered eating covers an array of irregular behaviours with food. The 4 week masterclass looks at addressing disordered eating and unhealthy habits to put you back in control.

Is your relationship with food out of control?
Are you trapped in an over-eat, starve, guilt, over-eat cycle?
Can you tell the difference between emotional and physical hunger?
Do you want to get to the bottom of why your relationship with food and your body is so difficult?

If so I can help.

We all eat for emotional reasons sometimes.
Lockdown and the current pandemic situation has heightened anxiety. When we are stressed our relationship with food can sometimes go awry. We often know what we 'should' be eating but bridging that gap between our intentions and actions can be tricky. The masterclass will help you to understand what's happening and let go of your unhealthy eating habits to gain control over your eating.

What's included

4 weeks, learning how to overcome emotional eating including:
  • The most common emotional triggers to eating unhealthily
  • What your emotional triggers are
  • The different types of hunger
  • How to adjust your relationship with food
  • Nutrition, and how to get more nutritiously dense foods into your diet
  • The importance of activity, stress management and relaxation.

  • The masterclass includes:
  • Workbook to keep your notes from session in one place
  • Access to a recording of that weeks sessions
  • Specialist knowledge from an eating distress specialist counsellor.

  • Price

    Overcoming emotional eating Masterclasses is priced at £150.
    Early bird discount (if booked before the 21st November 2020 is just £120.

    How to Book

    Booking is easy, click here to contact me, provide and submit your details. I will then send you a payment link via sumup payments to your mobile, follow the instructions in the link to pay and you will receive an e-receipt and confirmation of your booking.

    When is the Masterclasses

    The Masterclass starts on the 6th January , and will run on the 6th, 13th, 28th of January with the last class being on the the 4th of February.

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