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Remote sessions available to all clients upon request, click here for further information
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Counselling Remotely, Stamford, London

These are unsettling and worrying times, whether you are having to self isolate, keep your social distance or have been financially impacted by the ongoing events surrounding Coronavirus you or someone you know is likely to have been affected. I am still accepting new clients for tele-therapy to help people who's mental health and wellbeing has been negatively impacted by current events. If you need some extra support during these increasingly difficult times please do not hesitate to contact me.

Are you looking for an experienced counsellor who can provide tele-therapy in the City of London or in Stamford (near Peterborough) who can help you work through a difficult time in your life? Perhaps you are struggling with stress, anger, depression or anxiety, weight management issues, relationship issues or a bereavement. I'm Edwina, and I am committed to providing a warm and supportive relationship, in which you are the sole focus, to help you work through your confusion. People often seek out counselling with me when a stressful change is taking place which can, at times, feel overwhelming and stress plays a major part in people's unhappiness.

Often people come to me knowing that they need help as 'things don't quite feel right' but are unable to pinpoint the problem. In my experience issues do not get better or disappear without help, you are in control of choosing to see me, (together we can look at what changes you’d like to make and start implementing them), choosing to see someone else or doing nothing. Whatever you choose, I hope that you find the help that you need.

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"After a devastating break with my girlfriend which coincided with some family related issues, I decided to take some time to assess the psychological reasons behind behavioural patterns, reoccurring negative emotions and habits - in attempt to better understand my mental state of mind.

After a commitment to 10 sessions with Edwina I was able to dig deep and ascertain the reasons (due to a combination of childhood experiences and general over analysis) behind my behaviour and thinking.

I felt at ease and well understood by Edwina from day one. The counselling has helped me improve my relationship with loved ones - my communication skills and means of self-expression - come rain or shine. It has also allowed me to create boundaries and express myself in a more honest / constructive manner in all relationships.

After implementing changes to my mental models as advised by Edwina - I am now a lot more confident and self assured / realistic when it comes to my demands and expectations from others and self. The whole experience has been an eye opener, giving a whole new level of clarity of mind and more positive sense of purpose and better interpersonal skills at work and at home.
Thank you Edwina."

Case Studies

Cassie the Binge Eater

When Cassie came to see me she was in deep despair and unhappily overweight. Her thoughts were dominated by food and what she could and could not eat. Evenings were a particularly difficult time for Cassie where she would often binge on chocolate, cake, crisps and bread. Cassie had tried lots of popular diets on some she lost little weight on others she lost a few stone but then put it on again once she reached her target weight. She didn’t enjoy shopping for clothes, eating out or going on holiday with her family.
After coming for one to one counselling-coaching Cassie thrived. She found new ways to think and feel about her body, she lost weight, she threw away her diet books, stopped calorie counting, found the joy in food again and most importantly stopped binge eating. Cassie has found a new happiness and acceptance in her changed habits and behaviours which work together to help her lose and maintain a healthy weight.
“I didn’t think I would find something that works for me, I am so glad I found Edwina who has helped me so much” - C.H

I can help you gain control over your lifestyle, eating and behaviours to boost willpower and make sustainable changes to your weight, size and shape

Michelle – Anxiety and Depression

When Michelle and I started working together in late 2018 she was in a very unhappy place in her life. She was unhappy in her job, and her marriage was not as fulfilling as she hoped it would be. She had been struggling with anxiety and depression for a while but was still functioning therefore her friends and family remained unaware.

Through exploration it transpired that Michelle was a people pleaser. She would put everyone else’s needs and feelings before her own. This left her feeling exhausted and unsupported. We started working on Michelle’s self esteem, once she was able to identify what she wanted and boundaries to help manage other people she became a lot happier. She still helps other people but without neglecting her own wants and needs.

“I didn’t really understand how just talking would help me and decided to go to therapy as a last resort, it is so much more than just talking and Edwina helped me to see that I had gotten lost and gave me the confidence to make positive changes in my life” M.M

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In my experience, counselling in London and Stamford ,many people feel anxious about talking about their concerns, which is completely normal, you're in safe hands, we'll explore what you need to at a pace that's right for you. So you can move forward with your life feeling lighter and more empowered. If you have any questions or would like to book give me a call on 07784 105 769.

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Counselling is a collaborative process, we work together exploring your concerns and I provide a confidential, safe and non-judgemental place for this to happen, from my lovely counselling room in the heart of London or Stamford (my Stamford therapy room is pictured to the right).

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I have been privileged to help many people understand and overcome their difficulties. Most people see the changes for themselves in the form of stress reduction,and improved emotional wellbeing. I understand the power of being able to see evidence of change and this is something that can be discussed further at our first session. (My London room pictured to the left).

I recognise that finding a specialist counsellor in weight management and all things food, weight and shape can be difficult, I appreciate that not everyone who needs my services can access support from Stamford, or London. This is why I also work remotely via video call so that I can help and support you wherever you are in the country.

I work with people just like you, adults or teenagers on an open ended or for an agreed time period, dependant on your needs. We will work at your pace to untangle any confusion or distress. The aim of my practice is to enable my clients to be unburdened, enhance their lives and to live life more fully.

I have been a practising counsellor in Stamford and Peterborough for several years, recently expanding my practice to London. At all locations I provide a warm, safe, and non-judgemental environment.

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Counselling Young People

I have spent many years counselling young people in my counselling room, and inside schools. One in four teenage girls is depressed, there is a rise in teenage self harm and loneliness and young people have to navigate the ever pressurising world of social media. I help young people untangle the confusion of school, peer relationships, bullying, substance abuse, self-harm, relationships, home life and many other concerns.

I currently work for several charities; CASY, YMCA, CCC and CRUSE who provide low cost counselling to the community, which is a cause I believe in.

"Therapy with Edwina has been a lifesaver" - Client - P.M

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Specialism - Eating Disorders

In addition to working in mental health as a counsellor I am a specially trained therapist for working with Eating Disorders, Disordered Eating, Obesity and Weight issues. Food is a complex relationship forged in childhood and adapted as we navigate life. It doesn't take much for the relationship to go wrong which can lead to under or overeating and possibly binge eating in between. Eating and weight issues can make you feel miserable, help and support is needed to overcome an eating issue, it rarely disappears on it's own let's start rebuilding your happiness in this area so that eating and weight is no longer an issue for you.

3 Hour Breakthrough Sessions
I am passionate about my work; my approach is holistic which means I use psychological and nutritional interventions to help you rebuild the person lost to the eating disorder. Part of working holistically calls for dealing with any issues with happiness, anxiety, depression, assertiveness, self-confidence and body image in addition to your eating disorder.

A one-off breakthrough session is a collaborative exploration, that gets to the heart of the problem and what’s keeping you stuck. In a 3-hour breakthrough session we will look at your relationship with food, how it impacts on your life, barriers to change, and help you discover what you need to do to move forward.

I work with Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder and Other Eating Disorders. Each eating disorder requires unique ways of working to help put you back in control and move forward with your life.

3 Hour Breakthrough Session Price
London £430
Stamford £365
Remote £365

"The support I have received has been invaluable" - Client S.R

Working Remotely

Under current circumstances I am working remotely from a private and confidential room in my residence. Over the years I have received frequent request from people who need my services but cannot access Stamford or London. In order to reach as many people who need my help as possible, I work remotely via video call or telephone call whichever is your preference.

Due to the current guidelines around Corona virus, some people are opting for remote counselling sessions which is a service I provide. I use software called doxyme, and I send you a link which allows you access to a private room. It doesn't require you to download any software or be a tech genius to operate it!

Video call session price £80

"Thank you for all your help I can honestly say I don't know where I'd be without you" - Client L.A

London Practice

My practice is based in the City of London, within easy reach of many areas such as Kings Cross, Holborn, Oxford Circus, Russell Square, Marylebone, Bloomsbury, Covent Garden. The closest tube station to my practice is Great Portland Street or Oxford Circus. My therapy room is located at 17 Gosfield Street, Fitzrovia, W1W 6HA.

Eating Disorder Breakthrough Session ( 3 hours) Fee £430
Eating Disorders or Weight Management initial session (London 90 mins) Fee £140
Session Fee £95

Stamford Practice

My practice is based in the town centre of Stamford at 12 Broad Street , Stamford, PE9 1PG, which is within easy reach from Peterborough, Wittering, Market Deeping, Bourne, Grantham, Oakham and the surrounding areas.

Eating Disorder Breakthrough Session ( 3 hours) Fee £365
Eating Disorders or Weight Management initial session (Stamford 90 mins) Fee £120
Session Fee £80

Reviews - Counselling Work

"Edwina helped me work through my issues, I now feel so much happier"-T.K

"You really took the time to understand me"-A.H

"My weight, mindset and shape have changed, I no longer stress about diets, I am so much happier in my own skin, I can't thank you enough"- V.S

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Counsellor Eating Disorders City of London, Peterborough ,Stamford, Market Deeping

Eating disorders, like all health issues have the ability to make you feel miserable and isolated with food preoccupying your attention for most of your waking hours. Often eating disorder behaviour has you keeping secrets or telling untruths to loved ones about what you have or have not eaten, the impact the disorder has on your life is huge. There is a way forward and hope for the future that your eating disorder can be brought under control and that your overall happiness is improved. It is in depth work, where we look at all elements of your life, to implement sustainable changes which make you happier, healthier and more in control.

Depending on the type of Eating Disorder you have weight loss may be the objective (Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa). What starts as a diet or restrictive lifestyle changes quickly and becomes an obsession with weight loss, your body and food. It can be scary to try to navigate an Eating Disorder by yourself if you think you could benefit from an assessment with me please get in touch.

If you are suffering from Binge Eating Disorder there is every possibility that your weight has increased over the duration of the binge eating. If weight loss and bringing your eating disorder under control is something you desire, contact me. Binge Eating Disorder is less publicised than Anorexia and Bulimia but makes up a large proportion of the other eating disorders out there. You are not alone in having it but you don't have to tackle it alone.

Next Steps

Deciding to look for help from a counsellor can be the hardest step on a life changing journey to recovery. The earlier we start to tackle your issues the easier it will be to overcome. NHS provision for eating disorders is really good in some parts of the UK. I offer eating disorder treatment privately for people who have decided to take action and want to avoid waiting lists, or where eating disorder provision in your area is not as robust.

Call me if you have any questions for a no obligations chat 07784105769 or if you want to book an appointment email me please do not be disheartened if I do not answer your call, chances are I am in session, please leave me a message and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

In the meantime take care.

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Organisational & Company Training

In 2017 the Centre for Mental Health found that stress and mental health problems cost the UK economy £34.9 Billion. £21.2 Billion was due to reduced productivity at work, with £10.6 Billion being lost due to sickness absence, with £3.1 Billion being spent on replacing staff who leave their jobs because of their mental health.

Atma CPD is a training provider run by two qualified counsellor-coaches. We provide bespoke training days to organisations like yours equipping managers with the tools to better support staff and giving staff the tools to appropriately support themselves. With our training you can reduce sickness absence, increase productivity and provide a workplace that values its employees.

Our Courses include:

  • Mental Health in the workplace for managers
  • Mental Health in the workplace for employees
  • Stress management training
  • Building mental health resilience in your workforce
  • Food, mood and boosting productivity
  • Active listening
  • Managing people effectively

    All these courses are offered as a half day or full day package and are detailed in the attached document. We also offer one-to-one coaching to support your team’s development and effectiveness.

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    Mental Health Training

    Companies and Organisations are coming under increasing pressure to better support their employees physical and mental health. I provide bespoke training which teaches employees to support their mental health.

    Typically, Mental Health training includes:

  • How to recognise mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, OCD, and addiction in yourself and colleagues
  • Strategies for boosting resilience
  • Toolkit on how to prevent and manage ill mental health
  • How to identify when extra support is needed
  • Resources pack
  • CPD certificate

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    Stress Management Training

    Training programme typically includes:

  • How to recognise stress and mental health triggers in yourself and colleagues
  • Strategies for managing work related stress
  • Strategies for managing personal stress
  • Nutritional Guidance on foods and how they impact productivity, mood and energy levels
  • What to eat to support immune system, cognitive productivity and to combat fatigue.
  • Resources pack
  • CPD certificate

    Training is normally a mixture of taught learning, experiential learning & group work.

  • Continued Professional Development (CPD) Eating Disorder Awareness

  • Types of eating disorder and disordered eating
  • What it’s like –the client experience
  • Working with eating disorders and disordered eating
  • Risks, competence and referral
  • Signs and symptoms of Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder and others including ARFID
  • Approaches, process and techniques
  • Resources pack
  • CPD certificate

  • Reviews - Atma CPD

    What our delegates say about us

    "Edwina's training was fun, informative and interesting"- A.A

    "The training was excellent and engaging, I have lots of practical advice to help me with my mental health in the future" - K.H

    "Great value for money, I learned far more than I thought I would!"- S.L

    “I learned so much the training was excellent thank you”

    “The training was a nice mix of interactive tasks and ideas to use in practice”

    "Thank you for all your hard work”

    “The workshop was very useful loved it”

    Training Prices
    All training is bespoke and can be adapted to meet your organisations needs. Training is normally a mixture of taught learning, experiential learning and group work.

    Half day course is £400 for 8 delegates to attend. Additional delegates charged at £40 per person up to a maximum capacity of 20 people.
    Full day course is £750 for 8 delegates to attend. Additional delegates charged at £75 per person up to a maximum capacity of 20 people.
    Discounts are available for multiple bookings paid in advanced.

    If you would like any further information or are interested in booking an Atma CPD course for your business get in touch to request a booking form.

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