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I am a specialist therapist for weight management and weight loss. I am trained in the evidence based approach for successful and lasting weight loss promoted by the National Centre for Eating Disorders. Being or feeling overweight in today's society can be challanging. We turn to food in times of stress or anxiety in celebration or commiseration.

If your quality of life is impacted by worries about your weight, an endless cycle of dieting or an unhappy relationship with food and your body, I can help.

I often see people who have dieted for years, losing weight and putting it back on, who don't understand why they keep yo-yo-ing. The mind controls everything, and without fundamental changes to your mindset and nutrition the cycle of weight loss followed by weight gain will continue.

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It may be that you feel trapped in a never ending cycle of unsuccessful diet after diet or you found a diet that worked but then the weight came back? You may have a preoccupation with ‘healthy’ foods or your eating patterns may be identifiable as overeating,or binge eating. Disordered eating is a way of dealing with difficult emotions and is really difficult to deal with alone
- Let me help.

If you struggle with these issues you are not weak willed or a failure, be kind to yourself as there is a way forward.

An Approach that Works

I have trained with the National Centre for Eating Disorders (NCfED) , the primary organisation in the UK for understanding and working with people who struggle with these issues. NCfED draws on research studies from the UK and USA into what works, what may get in the way, and, importantly, what doesn't work.

One of the key things that doesn't work is a reliance on rules and willpower alone which is an approach typical in the diet industry. The problem with this is it ignores several important complex factors.

You may:

  • Eat for emotional reasons (we all do sometimes)
  • Have psychological barriers to weight loss and maintenance (many people do)
  • Have had physiological responses to repeated cycles of dieting and weight gain (many dieters do)
  • Lack the information and tools to maintain a healthy weight after dieting (most people lack these)

    I will help you to move to a happier relationship with food, eating and weight, using a more holistic approach

    The three key elements to weight management are:
  • Mindset change
  • Emotional support
  • Accurate knowledge about food and the body
  • Tools to bring back balance to your life

    I will help you so that you can make sustainable changes to your weight and wellbeing.

    Call me if you have any questions, for an obligation free chat, or would like to book 07784 105 769.

  • Weight Loss Workshop

    In January 2018 Weight Sense Therapy and Support started workshops in Stamford and Market Harborough to help people with weight concerns with their ‘New Year New You’ fresh start. Most people overindulge in the holiday season it is also true that most people want to do something about their current weight come January. Let us help you.

    What is a Workshop?

    Weight Sense Therapy and Support is run by two Counsellors, My colleague Kay Hoggett and I, have both trained with the National Centre for Eating Disorders in the UK specialising in disordered eating and overweight issues. The structure of each workshop will be similar and will contain a mix of group activities, knowledge sharing and strategy planning.

    There are many contributing factors to why people are overweight and the reasons they eat which often has very little to do with hunger. We are creatures of habit and our workshops look at targeting and changing the attitudes, behaviours and thought patterns which lead to being overweight. Over the course of the 6 week workshops we will provide you with knowledge about food and the body, emotional support and strategies for losing and managing your weight. Each of us is unique you will be in control of creating a habit plan that works for you. The main areas that will be looked at as part of the workshops are: Emotional Eating, Nutritional Info, Lifestyle and Activity, Relationships, Family History and Food Meanings.

    If you are interested in making sustainable changes to your weight and are looking for an alternative to a restrictive diet and exercise regime a Weight Sense Therapy and Support workshop may be just the thing for you.

    Does it work?

    The methods that will be outlined to you as part of the workshop are tried and tested, the training we have done with the National Centre for Eating Disorders is approved by the British Psychological Society. This method is about making sustainable changes to your weight which can be maintained rather than yo-yo dieting where the weight drops off and then comes back. I know first-hand how hard losing weight can be and can attest to this method working, as well as its application on a practical and emotional level.

    I'm interested how much does it cost?

    For a 6 session workshop which will take place over 12 weeks the cost is £150. Early bird booking discounts apply and further details will follow with the dates of the next set of workshops.

    How long are the Workshops?

    The first workshop will be 2 hours long. Each session after that is 1 hour 30 minutes.

    How many people in a Workshop group?

    We limit the workshops to a maximum of 12 people the structure of each workshop will be similar and will contain a mix of group activities, knowledge sharing and strategy planning.

    Where are the Workshops?

    The workshops take place on a Thursday evening at Stamford Arts Centre in Stamford, they run in 6 week blocks biweekly and booking is essential.

    If you are interested in attending a workshop in Market Harborough please visit Kay's website

    Happy with your weight but struggling with food?

    It may be that you are looking for weight management only as you are happy with your body weight and want to work through some of the difficult emotions that arise for you around food and body image. These workshops can help you to look at your relationship with food to implement changes to remove the conflict. Feel free to Email me or call me on 07784 105 769 to discuss further.

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