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Are you looking for an experienced counsellor in Stamford (near Peterborough) who can help you work through a difficult time in your life? Perhaps you are struggling with stress, anger, depression or anxiety, weight management issues, relationship issues or a bereavement. I'm Edwina, and I am committed to providing a warm and supportive relationship, in which you are the sole focus, to help you work through your confusion. People often seek out counselling with me when a stressful change is taking place which can, at times, feel overwhelming and stress plays a major part in people's unhappiness. Often people come to me knowing that they need help as 'things don't quite feel right' but are unable to pinpoint the problem. Together we can look at what changes you’d like to make and start implementing them.

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"You really took the time to understand me"-A.H

"Edwina helped me work through my issues, I now feel so much happier"-T.K

"My weight, mindset and shape have changed, I no longer stress about diets, I am so much happier in my own skin, I can't thank you enough"- V.S

"Thank you for all your help I can honestly say I don't know where I'd be without you, you've been amazing"- L.A

"The support I have received has been invaluable" -S.R

"Therapy with Edwina has been a lifesaver" -P.M

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In my experience, counselling Stamford residents, many people feel anxious about talking about their concerns, which is completely normal, you're in safe hands, we'll explore what you need to at a pace that's right for you. So you can move forward with your life feeling lighter and more empowered. If you have any questions or would like to book give me a call on 07784 105 769.

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Counselling is a collaborative process, we work together exploring your concerns and I provide a confidential, safe and non-judgemental place for this to happen, from my lovely counselling room in the heart of Stamford (pictured to the right).

I have been privileged to help many people understand and overcome their difficulties. Most people see the changes for themselves in the form of stress reduction,and improved emotional wellbeing. I understand the power of being able to see evidence of change and this is something that can be discussed further at our first session.


The first counselling session is free, and all sessions last between 50 - 60 minutes, each session thereafter is £50. I work with people just like you, adults or teenagers on an open ended or for an agreed time period, dependant on your needs. We will work at your pace to untangle any confusion or distress. The aim of my practice is to enable my clients to be unburdened, enhance their lives and to live life more fully.

I have been a practising counsellor in Stamford and Peterborough for several years and I am committed to counselling Stamford residents and individuals, in a warm, safe, and non-judgemental environment. I currently work for several charities; CASY, CRUSE, YMCA and CCC who provide low cost counselling to the community, which is a cause I believe in.

My practice is based in the town centre of Stamford which is within easy reach from Peterborough, Wittering, Market Deeping, Bourne, Grantham, Oakham and the surrounding areas.

Weight Loss Market Deeping, Stamford, Peterborough

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In addition to general counselling, I am a specialist therapist for weight management and weight loss. I am trained in the evidence based approach for successful and lasting weight loss promoted by the National Centre for Eating Disorders. If your quality of life is impacted by worries about your weight, an endless cycle of dieting or an unhappy relationship with food and your body, I can help. Please go to my Weight Management Page to find out more.

I often see people who have dieted for years, losing weight and putting it back on, who don't understand why they keep yo-yo-ing. The mind controls everything, and without fundamental changes to your mindset and nutrition the cycle of weight loss followed by weight gain will continue.

I can help you gain control over you're lifestyle, eating and behaviours to boost willpower and make sustainable changes to your weight, size and shape

It is in depth work, where we look at all elements of your life, to implement sustainable changes which make you happier, healthier and more in control.

Counsellor Eating Disorders Peterborough and Stamford

Being overweight, or obese comes with a specific mindset that can keep you trapped in a continuous cycle. The thought patterns are similar to those seen in clients with eating disorders and in some cases clients discover that an eating disorder has been present and thwarting their attempts at weight loss. In most instances chaotic and disordered eating have made the problem worse and left them feeling miserable. I helped them and I can help you too. As a counsellor who deals with eating disorders in Peterborough and Stamford, in addition to disordered eating and obesity mindset, I am in the best position to help you with your eating, weight and shape concerns.

Read my latest blog 7 signs you may have an eating disorder

If you are looking for help with weight loss in Market Deeping, Stamford, Peterborough or the surrounding areas but are not keen to go on a diet weight loss counselling may be for you. Without making changes to your nutrition, thought patterns, behaviours, and emotional eating, your relationship with food will not change and the frustrating diet cycle of weight loss followed by weight gain is likely to continue. Call me so we can start working on breaking the cycle together 07784 105 769 or email me outlining your concerns.

Next Steps

Deciding to look for help from a counsellor can be the hardest step on a life changing journey. Call me if you have any questions or want to book an appointment 07784 105 769.

In the meantime take care.

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